Topic: Next Wii U Console Update?

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I'd say that stability improvements, exploit lockdowns and performance improvements will always happen. So there's that. Beyond the standard stuff I'd say we're still early in the Wii U's life so the vast majority of updates will have big changes. NNID unification is probably the most likely one as is friend-list improvements. MiiVerse improvements could also be there, more speed and greater visibility to screenshots now that the Art Academy app is out.

As for more Virtual console titles.... you don't need an update for that. They could probably do the Gamecube VC tomorrow of they really wanted to. My guess is that they're probably waiting 'till a bit after Wind Waker is out. If they released the GC VC now some people might just decide to "wait" for the cheaper VC version.

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What I'ld like to see - and if this is already available somebody please let me know - is a combined listing for the Daily Log. I think it's great that whoever is logged in - we have 4 people w/ 4 separate accounts in my house - can use Y to cycle thru all 4 accounts, but I'ld really like a "combined" view to see how much overall usage the Wii U is getting. 4 colored bar charts would be nice as well. We had over 300 hours on the Wii playing Brawl - before Nintendo took the Channel away and I couldn't check anymore - so I'ld like to see if we get anywhere close to that on SSB without having to do the math myself.

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