Topic: News: Wreck-It-Ralph is playable in Sonic & All Star's Racing Transfromed!

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Just found out

Get "N" or Get Out!





N-Nintendo has found

3-3 ways to



How real men get the firearrows


And watch he pops up in the next Smash games. xD

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I was gonna get this game anyway...but that is awesome!

He better be voiced by John C. Riley...either that, or SEGA should just use some Step Brothers speech samples; "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but I will kick you repeatedly in the balls!"

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This just got me even more interested in the game. With Danica Patrick in it, this game already has two cameos. I hope for more. Also, from the first game, who remembers the all star moves you would get if you were in last place? I wonder if they will return in this game and if they do I wonder what Ralph's will be. He'll probably destroy everything. Hopefully he isn't a console exclusive like Banjo was in the Xbox version of the first game.



It would be awesome if Mario would appear as a playable character exclusive to the Nintendo versions.

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