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Is Toads real name Kinopio?

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When I see things like this I love and hate Nintendo at the same time. I already have 2x Skyward Sword remotes and 2x Red remotes from back in the Wii's glory days. But I wan't all of these.....

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PleaseUnderstan wrote:

Is Toads real name Kinopio?

In Japan, yes. A blending of kinoko (mushroom) and Pinokio (Japanese name for Pinocchio).



More of them? I like the thought, but did the Yoshi one even make it to North America? I've never seen it for sale anywhere, even online. However, the real question is whether I need more Wii Remotes. They just look so good that I may get them sometime despite having enough already.

That is all.

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Well you can use them all in Smash; otherwise you could leave two in Wii Wheels for instant Mario Kart playing. If you're like me and have a spare Wii you could justify it by having two paired to that. My daughter has been mildly pestering me for the Yoshi Remote (only one of the current run I don't have), but she loves Toad so I think that one will get preference.

I suspect what I'll really end up doing is passing along my black and gold Wii Remotes to my partner since I suspect she'd like to move out her non-motion plus remotes that lack silicon sleeves and then just have all six of these special ones paired with my Wii U, pairing with the Japanese Wii on an ad-hoc basis. One of the things I prefer about the newer design is the ability to press the sync button without removing the sleeve - it's a wonder that wasn't always part of the design!

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ATM I have Mario, Luigi, Zelda special edition and three original White ones. And I convinced myself that I didn't need anymore because it's very, very rare that I need all of them let alone all with motion plus. That said, Bowser is about as much my thing as Zelda is. So I reckon it'll end up in my hands eventually.....

Just like I'm sure eventually I'll end up with more Amiibo. Somehow. I'll be walking out of the shops in a daze and they'll be in my hands. It'll just happen, I've just accepted that I have zero control over it.

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I bought the Mario and Luigi ones and I never even bothered to open the former. The Bowser one is nice, but I actually should get a Wii U Pro instead.

I will comment in this thread, never being able to find it again.


I've got a box full of controllers: five remotes, two pro controllers, two ccpros, two nunchuks, two gamecube controllers and four wii wheels. Just mental!

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Now bring them stateside and give us a Wario Wiimote.

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Toad, the least interesting character to me personally, has the coolest looking Wii Remote, lol.

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Dreamsleep wrote:

Toad, the least interesting character to me personally, has the coolest looking Wii Remote, lol.

Captain Toad is way cooler than normal Toad. I want a Captain Toad controller lol

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Dreamsleep wrote:

Toad, the least interesting character to me personally, has the coolest looking Wii Remote, lol.

So true, but the Bowser one does look pretty cool too.


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