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Combined this series has sold almost 70mill copies and the worst performing one, New Super Luigi U, is still a million seller. Plus both of the most recent main additions are best sellers on their respective platforms. 4th on the 3DS and 1st on the Wii U.

So I expect that these games aren't going anywhere.

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I never was a gigantic fan of the "new" super mario bros games, but luckily sales of the last one didn't go through the roof! Sales of Mario 3D world didn't go through the roof either, it looks like there really is some "Mario-fatigue" going on! It's Nintendo's own fault: To much milking!

But back on topic: The 3DS version had the lamest hook: Collecting so many coins! Normally Nintendo would explain such a thing story-wise, or would offer a good incentive (very cool extra world, or something like that), but not this time! It was just a rubbish, uninspired hook!

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