Topic: New Super Luigi U: Download or Buy?

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I'm waiting to see whether you need to NSMBU disk in the Wii U to play the DLC and if so how it intergrates into NSMBU.



I'm undecided at the moment, it really depends on how the dlc works with this title.

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If you don't need NSMBU, I plan on getting the retail version since I don't have the game (or a Wii U). I've played the whole game via multiplayer with my friends so there's no reason to get it myself.

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@LuigiMan200 I'd recommend getting a Wii U before buying NSLU though.


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I'm going to buy it retail for the box

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It wouldn't be DLC if you didn't need your NSMBU to play it, and they already said something about the reason the retail version was more expensive was that you didn't have to already own NSMBU, so I think it's pretty slim odds it's going to be possible to launch the DLC off your Wii U menu rather than from within NSMBU. My guess is the download is a pretty small file like those NSMB2 DLC packs, and it's mostly relying on the data from your NSMBU game for you to play it.

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I am going to buy the retail version. I am sure it will become a collectors item. If I ever want to sell it in the future, I can make a profit.

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iphys wrote:

My guess is the download is a pretty small file like those NSMB2 DLC packs, and it's mostly relying on the data from your NSMBU game for you to play it.

I don't think that's likely to be the case - according to the Japanese website, the file is 1.5 GB in size, which is sizeable in itself when you consider New Super Mario Bros. U is around 2 GB.

For me, it's retail. I think the only game I'd want to download is Mario Kart for convenience - possibly Smash Bros. or Animal Crossing for the same reason - and I just love that green box.


Interesting. Was it already released in Japan? If the file does contain all the resources for the game, then that's pretty annoying if they're releasing it online as DLC and forcing you to own the game to play it yet also redownload all the duplicate resources from NSMBU.

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It hasn't been released in Japan yet - they get the add-on content version on 19 June and the retail version on 13 July.

I think it's likely there'll be some new assets, at least. I don't expect we'll know for sure until E3 next week when some gameplay footage is released. There is certainly some new stuff - all the levels are brand new, of course, then there's Nabbit as a playable character in multiplayer and the addition of Wii U Pro Controller support.

Also should point out that where NSMBU is concerned, the game itself is listed as being around 2 GB - that doesn't include software updates, it'll likely be more when those are included. So that makes NSLU's size of 1.5 GB a bit more understandable, especially given it includes the Pro Controller update that NSMBU doesn't have yet.


I want a physical copy of the lean, mean, and green Luigi case.

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