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This may change my mind on getting NSMBU.... Hope its good.

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DestinyMan wrote:

There's no set release date, but it's slated for this summer in NA and Europe and Winter for Australia and New Zealand.

It will be released a month after the unspecified date on which Nintendo thought it would be released. ... not long after Pikmin 3.

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@Dev: The case has collector's item written all over it. Even if that game is around after this year, that Year of Luigi seal on the case for 2013 is so worth it.

I'm a little disappointed that player 2 has the choice of a Toad or invincible Nabbit. I know its not a big deal really and I would play as Nabbit but the invincibility is a turn off and Toad is just played out.

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I think I will get the retail version of the game. Dat boxart.


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The box is freaking lovely!!



luisesteban wrote:

The box is freaking lovely!!

i'm buying the physical just for the box,



Gonna have to buy the box. Really was the biggest surprise of Nintendo direct.


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What do yall think about the idea of being nabbitt id rather be wario or waluigi personally

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psychoshamoo wrote:

Gonna have to buy the box. Really was the biggest surprise of Nintendo direct.

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$20 is expensive for what's essentially just a bunch of remixed levels with very slightly altered player mechanics. It recycles all the old assets. It really just doesn't seem worth it at that price.


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it's all new levels, not remixed levels. maybe you should get your facts straight first.

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Maybe I'm alone in this, but doesn't the addition of Nabbit and, hell, multiplayer in general kind of take away the focus on Luigi that they've been emphasising for so long? Especially since they all appear to share his newly regained physics. And from what I can tell, the levels really don't seem all that adapted for multiplayer at all.

I'm kind of torn on NSLU. On one hand the actual gameplay looks pretty solid and definitely more of a challenge than anything that's come from the NSMB series thus far. But I also feel Nintendo are missing an opportunity here; they really could have went all out and made this a real love letter to Luigi fans. It could have opened with Mario and co getting kidnapped along with Peach, leaving Luigi the only one left that's able to save them. And it would have been a nice touch to have him react differently during cutscenes or something...

But I digress; it's not like the NSMB series has never really been known for anything outside its core gameplay.

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Well, I've yet to get a Wii U, and hence don't have NSMBU (my friend does) but I'll still be getting this for sure. It's a limited edition thing so the box would make a great collector's item, I'm guessing.

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anyone know if it's a midnight release on eshop?



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