Topic: New Game Reveal - 13th Feb

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Maybe it's from a spaceship? 2001; A Space Trip To Hell

Just a guy making solo music using Garageband.


SKTTR wrote:

brooks83 wrote:

@WaveBoy - You heard that they are remaking Shadowgate, right? It was a KickStarter deal that was successful (I even pitched in $15). I'm hoping the new interest in Shadowgate will result in all the games winding up on the VC. They're website is . There was even a cancelled N64 game that they have teased about finally making if the remake is successful.

There were two Shadowgate games on N64?

They were planning on making a second one, but it never got off the ground. They still have the story and all the designs for it, so it's possible they could still make it.



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