Topic: New Deus Ex title announced for next gen consoles... Anyone think this will come to Wii U?

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Played The Conspiracy and Invisible Wars on the PC and loved them. Bought Human Revolution for the Xbox put packed the 360 away now and I have no desire to get it (going to either trade it in for credit on Wii U or eshop cards for 3DS). If I do get the Wii U I'll get the director's cut but back to the OP, does anybody think/hope/care that this will come to Wii U?

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depends entirely on how well the Wii U version of Human Revolution does, I assume

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kkslider5552000 wrote:

depends entirely on how well the Wii U version of Human Revolution does, I assume

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This game is totally coming to the Wii U. I mean we got the exclusive Director's Cut after all! Right?


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DefHalan wrote:

kkslider5552000 wrote:

depends entirely on how well the Wii U version of Human Revolution does, I assume


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I wondered if they were including the Wii U in the 'next-gen' or not too

I really liked the first Deus Ex but was very disappointed with the second, so I didn't bother with the third. When they announced the HR DC for Wii U I thought that it was time to get back into the series, although I'm on the fence now due to it being delayed in order to go multiplatform (seriously who is actually going to use smart glass on the 360 version).

I'm even more unsure about this latest announcement but hopefully it will come to Wii U; especially if HR DC sells ok on Wii U as it'd be cruel to tease Wii U owners with one game and then not give them the next one.



It's all about price. If this remake sells for 69.99€ I'm looking to play something else.
If this is 39.99€ it's a day one buy for me.


The fact that some gaming companies and gaming media don't even include the Wii U as a "next gen" console says alot. I want many "next gen" games to come to Wii U in the future.

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Of course it wont.



Unless Human Revolution Director's Cut does very well on Wii U, probably not.

Which it won't so...

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I never played Deus Ex before, but just saw the new trailer for Human Revolution Director's Cut and got really hyped. Looks like Splinter Cell( much more interesting than SC to honest) or Metal Gear Solid to me, am I thinking right? This is the kind of games we need on Nintendo consoles, I hope it sells well enough to warrant the series continuation on Wii U. It's Square-Enix, so I don't know their stance towards Wii U, so far they haven't really committed to the console, but they haven't dismissed it either.



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