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skywake wrote:

Well let me put it this way. If you wanted to watch the final episode of Breaking Bad in the US you watched it as it came out. You probably paid something like $10/mo for a Netflix subscription in order to do this and you got to watch it on any device you want as everyone else did with no risk of spoilers. If you wanted to watch it here you could have got it on iTunes, because it was available, and paid $50 or so for the season and watched the episode on an approved Apple device the next day. You could have paid $50/mo and got it on Pay TV and only waited a mere five hours or so. You could get US Netflix and run it through a VPN which is something that's surprisingly popular. Or you could have downloaded it.

And Breaking Bad is one of the better shows for this sort of thing. Game of Thrones isn't available on iTunes here until months and months after release and the only way to legally watch it in a timely manner is to pay $70/mo. You think you could wait and avoid all spoilers after every US viewer has already seen it? So please, don't act all superior about it especially if you live in the US where access isn't an issue for any content. That said, Netflix is apparently heading to Australia next year so things might change and we might finally be able to get access to most shows at a reasonable cost in a timely manner. I'm not holding my breath though.

Don't get your hopes up with Netflix.

It's a great service for sure, but they're always a season behind the newest episodes. My dad watched Breaking Bad on it (and I Arrow), but they don't recieve a season until it's out on DVD/BD (which is usually around the same time the next season starts airing on TV). Also, they don't get every series (I don't think they have ANY of the HBO stuff, for example, and only a select few Showtime shows).

It's Hulu that gets all the newest episodes as they come out. I don't have Hulu, but from what I've heard, Netflix has the better movie selection (though again, they don't put the absolute newest stuff on streaming), while Hulu is better for TV shows.


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Apparently, HBO is finally starting to clue in that people pirate their shows because they're too expensive/hard to obtain legally. They partnered with Amazon to release content through Prime. It only includes their older or less popular shows though. You can't watch Game of Thrones on Prime.

But it's a step. Maybe some day HBO will realize that they're one of the 2 or 3 networks actually worth paying for and unchain themselves from the terrible telecommunications giants.

I pay $9/mo for Netflix. I'd happily pay another $9 for just for an AMC/HBO bundle, as long as new episodes were available to stream no more than a day after they air.

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I'd pay $20/mo just for an on-demand service that had even just half of the shows I want to watch. Give me Castle, Gotham, Futurama and maybe something like Cosmos. Let me watch it legally on demand via whatever device at a decent resolution without completely breaking. Still better than the quality, convenience, delay and in some case price of the legal options I have right now.

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This is probably more of an internet connection issue, but I ALWAYS get the "We're having trouble playing this title right now" message after about 2-3 episodes of whatever show I'm watching. Sure, it gets me to stop wasting my entire day watching Netflix, but it can be a huge pain. I have to close out of the app, and then restart it, and it doesn't remember where I left off, so I have to re-pick the episode.

Yeah, I'm being a spoiled brat, and overly picky, but all I'm saying is, why can't it work right? And like I also said, this could be an internet connection issue.

One more thing though ... I'd like it if it auto played the next episode, instead of me having to tap the touch screen to get it to play the next episode. This is something that even my 360, and so does my SmarTV, so why can't my Wii U?

That is all.


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crimsoncavalier wrote:

I have to close out of the app, and then restart it, and it doesn't remember where I left off, so I have to re-pick the episode.

Huh? Netflix automatically saves your place for you.

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Xiao_Pai wrote:

SpookyMeths wrote:

crimsoncavalier wrote:

I have to close out of the app, and then restart it, and it doesn't remember where I left off, so I have to re-pick the episode.

Huh? Netflix automatically saves your place for you.

It doesn't work all the time.

Nope. It should but it doesn't. Especially on my Wii U. Again, maybe this is all an internet issue, and the app is fine, but I have a lot of problems with it.


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Anyone else noticed decreased performance starting sometime in the past month or two? Just suddenly it got slow...

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I called Netflix recently. Features, such as profiles, & such, well, they some time ago sent the updated application, & coding/binaries to Nintendo. I was told Nintendo is inspecting, & greenlighting/approving the updated code/binaries at their own discretion, pace, & Netflix has nothing more to do, or can do, since they sent it to Nintendo; Nintendo now has to approve it, then add it. I was then asked if I would purchase a WU, in regards to for the specific purpose of Netflix usage, knowing it is missing key features that are available on other platforms'(PC, other game consoles) Netflix application. I explained that I primarily use my WU as a game console, Netflix is accessible to my family via other means, although it(via the WU) is one of the better(out of the available) means in my home to access, & view Netflix, & that b/c I primarily use my WU as a gaming console, the less-featured Netflix was, & if I were looking into purchasing a WU, of little consequence to my purchase of a WU, or any game console. I continued to answer that in regards to specifically Netflix, no I would not have purchased a WU, but again, that it wasn't a deal breaker.

I called again, & I received the same respond: Nintendo was sent the updated app code(profiles, etc.), & at their discretion will update it. Now, this could have been Netflix covering for themselves, but in a way, I'm inclined to believe them, considering Nintendo's track record for speed of adding features to their platforms, even if insignificant (features), like themes recently added to 3ds, while other platforms have had paid themes for years.

Take that response from Netflix as you will.

Edit: Also, considering other platforms have these features, & for example (even) the Wii has profiles, it does seem interestingly suspicious that (the) WU appears to be in a one-is-the-lonliest-number situation. It can add to the concept of Nintendo really having the code, & just slowly going along w/ getting it out. It does not mean definitively that is what is actually going on, however.

Either way, I can understand wanting profiles, since I want them. Like i said, though, my WU's value is not tied to Netflix. It is disappointing however, as in my household it is one of the better means of Netflix viewing; living room tv screen, & all vs. a group sitting uncomfortably, trying to see a laptop screen, or even decent sized desktop flatpanel.

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Wii U needs an update to use the wiimote, because my gamepad batteries dont last a lot. I preffer use my Wii for easy navigation instead Wii U. And 3DS Netflix isn´t available in Mexico for some weird reason. I don´t like to use Netflix in my computer because the sound is very low, I prefer to use it in my TV, that´s the reason I love Netflix in my Wii/ Wii U bue Wii U version needs to be updated to wiimote use.

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