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I've spend hours trying to connect my Wii U to the internet and after I finally succeeded doing so so the update failed 3 times in a row at about 99%.
Some of the best functionality like backwards compatibility with wii games simply isn't possible atm.

Nintendo should provide free firmware updates to everyone. People should be able to send their consoles to Nintendo in order to get them fully updated. Because if you don't have the right ISP, router, degree in networking, location and hardware configuration you simply screwed atm.

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So where does the petition come in again?

Just for you.
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CactusJackson wrote:

So where does the petition come in again?

Well if it's massive, he has to be working on it instead of talking about it.

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I don't know what to say, honestly. Everything seems to be working on my end...

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So, you want to create a petition about this? Do you need a site to make it on? Because if so, one of these might suffice:

But I don't think this is a big enough deal to be honest. Would it be nice to have this option? Maybe, but it seems like overkill for Nintendo to allow people to send them their consoles to be updated every time there's an update.

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If you need this sort of help from Nintendo, try contacting them. Good luck to you!

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