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Man, oh, man. I haven't bought a non-Mario Kart racer since the GameCube (Need for Speed: Underground 1 & 2), but this just might be the one. The Wii U is getting another good-looking one in November too; Project CARS looks awesome. I've already pre-ordered SimCity and Luigi's Mansion for March, and will get either Monster Hunter, Lego City, or NFS, but I'm honestly going to wait a week or so for several reviews on each first, because I have about the same level of desire for each.

Edit: That said, if Need for Speed ends up being less than the full $60, I might buy it sooner than waiting for a sale. Regardless, if Target or anyone has any "Buy 2, Get 1" promotions around this time or shortly after, I'll be picking up all three.

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If it's in the eShop it's on the list, yes, though my money this month is on Warriors Orochi 3.

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I might go for it when the price goes down.

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yeah im with banker on this one ill get it after it comes down abit, looks really good tho!

put it on.


Bankai wrote:

If you haven't played it on another console, then get it. Regardless of platform this game is amazing.

Exactly. Played the 360 version on a friends console and it is a blast.

Now for those waiting on a price drop or to pick up used I say shame on you. There is nothing wrong with buying games cheap but after the dry spell WiiU owners just went through one would think they would be ready to support this console.Considering the developer put some extra TLC for the WiiU version.



proper excited about this, can't wait to play it with my boy

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Anyone who has played Most Wanted, how is the soundtrack? I'm only familiar with less than half of the tracks. It looks very dubstep/electronica heavy, which isn't a bad thing if it's high quality, but it's certainly different than the soundtracks in the Underground series I played long ago.

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Looks fun. Never really played NFS, but I just might. Also, like Trine 2: Director's Cut, this version of the game has visibly superior visuals compared to the 360 and PS3 versions.(Add don't worry, I know Gameplay>graphics.)

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looks good, its a straight pc port for wii u, looks awesome. Definitely on my radar.

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