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I watched the Nano Assault Neo again just now, I feel this is one of my most anticipated titles for WiiU. I live in Europe though, so I haven't had a chance to try it out on 3DS. My question is; Has anyone played Nano Assault on 3DS and if so, how does it play?

I reckon Shin'en will tweak the WiiU version, but i'd like to know some pro's and cons.

As a last question; My love for this genre has grown only recently, do you have any recommendations to kill time? I loved Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved and R-type.


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I bought the game on 3DS. The majority of the game (ground levels) is what Neo's main levels are supposed to be like, while the tunnel sequences have been relegated to bonus stages, although presumably there will be more of them (16 rather then 6 or 7).

Generally the game plays very well. Although searching for the last enemy can be tedious without a map, the levels are small enough in scope to not make much of a difference. The tunnel levels are extremely well done. No inverse controls, but you can adjust how much the reticle moves before you do (controls are very similar to Star Fox 64). Then there are the boss levels (both individual and at the end of tunnels). Typically these are fun and show off some of the best graphical moments in the game, but IMO they feel too easy once you learn the trick to defeating them.
Here's some more info about tweaks to gameplay:

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Thanks for the link! I'm gonna check it out. Glad to hear the 3DS one is great.

Just got Radiant Silvergun for Sega Genisis to try out. I heard it's hard as balls but it's from treasure, so I have to try!!

Anyone any other suggestions?!

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