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Came home from work this morning (graveyard shift) and as usual turned on the Wii U. Or I tried. Blinking red light. After following all the advice on the site and frantically Googling for answers, I called Nintendo tech support... they were very helpful, but I have to send it in for repairs.

I'm scared to death because I have more than 150 WiiWare, Wii Virtual Console, Wii U Virtual Console and Wii U digital titles on there...

First time in 25 years of owning Nintendo hardware (every system except GameCube and original DS) that I've had a total unexpected failure.

Has anyone else had this experience? Did you get your Wii U back from the shop with everything on it, including game save data? I have a few titles I was pretty far along in...


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I'm not a WiiU technician, but if I had to guess, that sounds like a power supply failure. All of your data should be good

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I wouldn't worry too much about it, even if you lost all your data, Ninty is required to give the titles back( or so I've been told). You probably should've backed the saves up though.

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Being a computer tech to some extent, I want to say a power supply failure does sound about right to me too. Hopefully your data is good. They just don't make 'em like they used to.

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I'm worried because the Wii U doesn't come with the 90-day extended warranty like every other system on Club Nintendo. It's like they're expecting these things to fail in the 12-15 month range if they don't have the confidence to give us those extra 90 days.

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You will probably loose your saves. All your purchased software is safe.

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I've heard quite a few stories about this and like others said its most likely a power failure. I don't think its data related at all.

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Thanks all... I figure it is a power issue too, just wish I didn't have to ship the thing away for two weeks or more :/


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JJtheTexan wrote:

Thanks all... I figure it is a power issue too, just wish I didn't have to ship the thing away for two weeks or more :/

Yeah it blows but it happens. At least its not like when my video card fan died and they refused to send me the special fan that it uses that would of taken 5 mins to replace and had to send it in for a month.

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One thing about Nintendo is they have good customer service. If you call them and tell them why is happening they will help you. If you are nice, the warranty may not be an issue (seriously, that's not meant to be a joke. Don't sound mad at them or anything, just explain your surprise that it broke so soon and you did nothing to it, assuming that's true of course).



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