Topic: My idea for Nintendo style 'achievements' or 'trophies'

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Neither confirmed or unconfirmed, I'm wondering if Nintendo will throw an 'achievement' style system in Wii U games.

If they did, I think they could keep it very 'Nintendo'.

Rather than calling them Achievements or Trophies, they could act like Play Coins on the 3DS. Where instead of taking steps, you accomplish some sort of feat in a game, like getting a speed run in Sonic the Hedgehog or whatever, then depending on the difficulty of the achievement, the Wii U gives you either 1, 3, or 5 coins to spend in-game or in another game.

As far as online bragging goes, it keeps track of the total coins you've earned overall, and a list of unlocked Play Coins from each game.

Miyamoto never liked the idea of 'Achievements' because they didn't offer any real reward or unlock anything additional to do.

With the Play Coin idea, you can use them in a Wii U version of StreetPass Quest, or unlock some costumes in NintendoLand, or you know, whatever you feel like

What would you guys think if it had a system like that?

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Actually, we've got a thread going here for hypotheticals about a Wii U achievement system. Please feel free to post your thoughts there :3

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