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So my Motion Plus controller disconnects as soon as i try to launch Twilight Princess, which is the game i bought the controller for. I know for a fact it worked before, and the controller works fine in the main menu, pointer and all.

i tried pairing it through the controller menu while the game was running, and it worked like a charm, but the moment i closed the menu and went back into the game it disconnected again... any ideas?



Twilight Princess doesn't support motion plus. Are you thinking of Skyward Sword?

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And i don't think you need a Wii mote for twilight princess on wii u. Just game pad or pro



@Mr_Grinch disconnect the motion plus adapter and it should be fine. It’s twilight princess for the Wii correct

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@ReaderRagfihs i was indeed thinking of skyward sword, but had forgotten it exists. Sorry about the mixup



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