Topic: Most Anticipated Wii U Launch Title U Want and Success Rate

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Looking forward to NSMB U, Batman, seeing how FIFA uses the gameplay and hopefully Black Ops 2.... Theres probably a lot more but can't think right now! Lol


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It'll probably depend on what bundle you get. Most of the rumors have a $250, $300 and a $350 SKU listed.

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New Super Mario Brothers U, Nintendo Land, Project P-100 and ZombiU.

Even then, wasn't the WiiU eShop supposed to be open on the first day too? So even then we could get some cool eShop games that have yet to be unannounced.

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Lego City or Rayman Origins... Oh wait Legends.

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Rayman Legends and Tekken are the games I'm interested in. I hope I'm wrong, but I imagine they won't be the top sellers at launch

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Lego City and ZombiU

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