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i have the choice of getting either of these games. i liked the Demo for ZombiU, and it looks like a classic survival/horror game, which i dig. people say its too short though, and it seems buggy. i didn't enjoy the monster hunter demo (but only because i didn't know how to play the game, and the game never taught me how to), but it looks packed with content and replay value. plus i have lots of fun watching youtube videos of Monster Hunter (esp. ProJared <3). but which of these games should i get?
(also, does MH3 have an in-game tutorial? because i had no idea what to do or how to do anything in the demo, so i had no idea how to play.)

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Monster hunter 3 ultimate by a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong shot.

The game's in MH3U only covers the most basic stuff. However it is very easy to get yourself familiar by doing a little bit of internet research.

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Joeynator3000'll steal your life, but'll tell you how to do most stuff, gathering/mining/other boring stuff. And somewhere on the in-game menu it'll show you the controls for every weapon.


Everyones probably going to say Monster Hunter, but I'll just add that Zombi U was a lot better than I expected. I love classic survival horrors and hadn't really played one since, well.. Eternal Darkness, at least that's what it felt like anyway. Zombi U scratched that itch. It's challenging and it actually is pretty creepy in some parts, I don't scare easily and I was at the edge of my seat on a few occasions. The game actually looks pretty good, too. The lighting is VERY well done. Always play it in the dark though.

I can't say anything about Monster Hunter as I've never played, but have always wanted too. Just never picked it up for some reason. It's in the same price range as Zombi U now so.. that makes it a pretty tough call, just thought I'd give you my two cents.


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the demo did not explain how to play the game at all, and i rage quit because i kept getting my butt kicked by the very first monster. i couldn't figure out how to even shoot my bow, or do anything that would damage the monster at all. i eventually figured out how to shoot, but it did almost no damage,and it took forever to shoot. i kept dying, and i couldn't figure out how to use potions... the demo was such a pain for me. is the actual game a bit more thorough on controls? because if it isn't, i don't want to use the internet for tips on how be be good at the game. i feel like that's cheating.

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Monster Hunter is a lot more niche and a lot harder to get into at first. It's an amazing game but it has a real slow start. ZombiU was the best console survival horror I've played in awhile and it has implemented the gamepad very well. I really enjoyed both for different reasons, but if I had to say one I'd pick Monster Hunter just because it has a lot more replayability. As long as the online servers are up at least.

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Out of the two, I'd say Monster Hunter.

Both games take a bit of getting used to since Monster Hunter isn't a hack-and-slash as it appears and ZombiU harkens back to the 90s way of survival horror with emphasis on environmental tension and "exploration" rather than fast paced shooting.

Beside that, I'd say get both games when you get the cash.

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Having only played ZombiU I recommend getting MH3U - Dayman
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Having played ZombiU and the demo for MH3U. I would suggest ZombiU. 1) It is a very intense and good Survival Horror. 2) If you pick up MH3U you will probably not play anything else for a long time, so it will limit what you actually play lol

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