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Shigeru Miyamoto said during a recent investor Q&A that the switch to Wii U development – HD visuals and all – “requires about twice the human resources than before.” Nintendo “may have underestimated the scale of this change and as a result”, which caused games to remain in development longer than expected. Miyamoto now feels that Nintendo is just about past some of these initial difficulties, however.

"When it comes to the scale of software development, Wii U with HD graphics requires about twice the human resources than before. Please allow me to explain that we may have underestimated the scale of this change and as a result, the overall software development took more time than originally anticipated just as we tried to polish the software at the completion phase of development. However, we are almost out of this phase, and we are also trying to create something unique utilizing an easier development approach called “Nintendo Web Framework.”

Welcome to 2006 Nintendo. So this is why were seeing a lack of software and delayed software coming from Nintendo's first party studios. My question is during this generation Nintendo say how much other studios were having problems with HD development and so we say alot of people increase their work flow. We also say Sony made a major play restructuring and expanding their first party output this generation and its paid in spades (Even Japan studio is doing well) About 2010 Microsoft started doing the same opening up and aquiring studios and were going to see how that plays out in the oncoming years. Now seeing all of this why didn't nintendo invest in their first party expansion during 2010 when the Wii support had dried up (even from nintendo) as well as looking into grabbing or starting more western development houses (the reasoning of NCL always wanting a man on hand is BS).

DId Iwata and Miyamoto really expect for HD development on large scale franchises to be the same as it was during the WIi Period.

I also think they were caught by surprise. The problem is just exacerbated by the Japanese way of thinking, which is to follow the course and never, ever, take blind leaps away from that course. Any other western developer would have had a contingency plan made right away, as soon as they got that gut feeling that something is wrong. But that is not the Japanese way, unfortunately.
-Sony also had the same teething problems with the PS3 (There was an article on Joystiq recently about it) which resulted in a poor launch, and games that looked inferior to the Xbox 360.
-Microsoft had to pay a billion dollars to make up for the RRODs, and publicly admit the hardware was a lemon.
I think it's the curse of going HD.



Simple lesson: Do not trust 3rd parties with a system launch.


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