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We love Minecraft at my house and we have it on all three of our Xboxs so me and the kids can play together. It's a great co-op game and we usually break our roles into gathering building material (me), fighting off the monsters (son), and growing farms and cooking (daughter).

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I think Minecraft would be really cool on the WiiU, and with the Gamepad it would be better than the Xbox Live version. And I firmly disagree with Aviator on the modding thing, because Minecraft is still hella fun without doing so.

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Modding is cool, and even though stuff like FTB is fun, it does get complicated and really Vanilla is the best mode (as long as you have Rei's Minimap).

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People still play Minecraft?

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when you think about how minecraft was intended to be a basic format that could simulate real life praportions, bioms, and materials. To allow you to be creative and free to go explore and build. Where you and your friends make the rules and the roles you take on. I know many of us had tried the servers in the pc versions for that very reason. Its peaceful its calm and its social. All the traits that we get with the nintendo wii u it just makes it easier and more accesable. Plus the possible dynamics of useing the game pad as your simulated head, being able to use the touch screen to operate your crafting and invitory, and being able to play and use your voice to interact with friends. It fits so easily and perfectly withe the natural evolution of the game. The only real hinderings on the exclusive contracts that plague the gaming enterprizes. Minecraft was simply pay to support development, as still remains so in its culture. But in corperating it with systems the make you pay an extra 5.00$ after already paying 60.00$ just to ''unlock'' a gold plated vertual dagger. Is the greatest folly, for all the dynamics, cultere and fun is there but the lawyer's screwed it up so bad that if the golden opertunity passes we all really no what to blame.



Since its here, i would like to say im still hoping for MC on WIi U.

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About the mod problem, if there's a will, there's a way. Also, this would make some possibilities make wii u more popular if they tweak it a bit ( 1.7 pre downloaded, shaders mod pre-downloaded, multiplayer thru Nintendo network, Server IP as the Nintendo network ID, and so on)

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Who thinks minecraft will be easy to control on the wii nunchuck



I hope a Wii U version happens, my computer has pooped out and I don't trust it to run Minecarft anymore without dying on me, as well as most other games.

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Having this on the Wii U makes sense. To be honest it should have been on it a while ago.

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