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Apparently, Miiverse has been updated again, this time with the ability to finally filter posts to people who have ACTUALLY PLAYED THE GAME.

I for one am quite pleased... now all they need is a way of being able to filter out all of that other useless spam on Miiverse.

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Miiverse is becoming a better place. Now we need a filter to hide under 10 year olds comments.

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@3Dash You are allowed on if your under 13, i think you need some kind of parents permission or some it like that.

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@3Dash You can use Miiverse under the age of 13, you just can't send friend requests.

This is a pleasing update. Seems like Nintendo's going to gradually fine-tune Miiverse and shape it into a great online community.


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The update I think is most needed is the ability to organize Communities both alphabetically and by "population". This is becoming increasingly more important as more games come out, because launch games are trapped at the bottom.

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NMRodo wrote:

@3Dash You can use Miiverse under the age of 13 ...

This explains why Gary Glitter and R. Kelly have been hanging around.

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