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Today I booted up my Wii U and logged in to find greeting me on the TV screen the icons of built-in Wii U apps rather than those of actual games, and prewritten "Get Online!" messages from Nintendo instead of the messages of a thousand other human beings. So, basically, the Miiverse Plaza thinks that I don't have Nintendo Network ID or am not Online. But both are false. I've had a Nintendo Network ID since I was first asked to make one by the system, and every other online thing works, including Miiverse itself. I tried turning the system on and off, but no dice. I tried logging into somebody else's profile, and Miiverse works perfectly on that one. Parental Controls are not on as far as I know. Is there anything I can do short of sending the system in to Nintendo or erasing my NNID and starting anew? It's something I can live without, but I miss seeing the cool drawings and sometimes funny messages of other people whenever I boot the thing up.

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I've had that happen to me a few times. I wouldn't worry, either turn it off and on, or just wait. It should work after awhile..

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Dude, get online!

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If your nets go offline even for a minute while it's loading, it'll give you that page

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I've had trouble with the dashboard on my Xbox, and it usually gets fixed after a while. Probably just Nintendo's servers. They're doing maintenance tomorrow.


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If the internet connection disappears for even a couple minutes, spotpass has to reset itself. Just let it be, it'll go back to normal on its own.

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I'll definitely call Nintendo Customer support before deleting you NNID or sending it off... Failing that email them!


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Happened to me once and after playing a while it just got back to normal. I'd suggest you just wait and if after two days or a week it's still there you might just contact Nintendo and jam on their Zelda waiting tunes.


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