Topic: Miiverse needs a forum section. what do you think?

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i will start my saying i do like the miiverse and its a really fun way of connecting with over nintendo fans. Now one thing that was really shown off before the release of the wii u was being able to chat to other users to get hints and tips for when your stuck. now if your looking around the communities your only likely to find funny picturres and amusing comments. Also i find it pretty difficult to have a serious discussion about upcoming games or anything else for that matter. I really think having a forum section would help making find info or topics you wish to discuss alot easier. what do you guys think?

put it on.


It'd be useful, but I don't think Nintendo would ever add one. Partly because they've stopped running forums in recent years (see the closure of both Nsider and the Nintendo of Europe forums) and partly because it'd compete with all the fan and third party ones, at a time when forum activity is already quite low in general.

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I completely agree, Nintendo needs to add other areas for discussing anything outside of what games are currently available.
The art work from some people is really good too, so an easy to use gallery would definitely be awesome.

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A way of tagging comments in one of several categories, say, Question, Doodle, Comment, DIscussion, and then a Filter that allows you to see everything, as it is now, or one or more of the categories.

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I just assumed that the Sing Party community was a general discussion forum.



Bankai wrote:

An off topic or general discussion section would go a long way to dealing with that.


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Bankai wrote:

Yeah, the concept of communities are great and all, but the novelty wears off when you realise 90% of them are 90% filled with crap, off topic posts.

An off topic or general discussion section would go a long way to dealing with that.

You know as well as I do that this is not true Waltzy

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Forums aren't exactly necessary, Nintendo just needs to add a bit more organization or allow users the freedom to create their own groups/guilds. MiiVerse is really great but it could be better in the way it's laid out.



I don't think Nintendo really wanted a general forum or something like that. The communities feel very gated (ha... see what I did there? ha...), but in a weird way I kind of like it. It's different.



General discussion with 100 characters or less would be awful... Nintendo clearly set that limit so I could perform a quick troll.



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