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I don't know if I'm alone here, but I have a small problem with Miiverse.

Whenever I go to upload a screenshot to Miiverse, it takes FOREVER to upload it. And about 70% of the time, it takes forever to do nothing. I get error code 121-9998 or something and then it brings me to the screen where I typed up the message.

And it isn't an internet issue because I can check my Friend List, no problem; go on the internet, no problem; stream YouTube, again, no problem; and even upload simple TEXT or HANDWRITTEN messages to Miiverse in a matter of seconds.

Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Today really worried me because my system got stuck trying to upload it all day. I had to unplug it and (thankfully) it didn't brick, but still...

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Server connection error. Probably launch issue that will get worked in time. The server is inundated with activity now.

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Well they have about 12hrs to get it working for Australia or else!!

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