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Even if spoilers get through, it won't bother me. I still have to play the game to see the ending. Well, I don't thanks to YouTube, but you know what I mean.
For example SPOILER ALERT If I heard that Ganondorf turned into Ganon at the end of Ocarina of Time 3D END SPOILER, I'd be pretty excited as opposed to upset. If I know what's coming up, I can prepare myself for it and not take a cheap death. Also, even if I see the footage on YouTube or someone tells me about it, I always find it better to experience it first hand.

So if someone told me exactly how to get at a hard-to-reach Star Coin in NSMBU, I wouldn't be mad, I'd use their knowledge to help me out. Besides...if I get too stuck, I can just call up OctoG123.

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Yeah spoilers don't bother me, in fact sometimes it's just seeing a certain ending that makes me play more not less, even the 9,999,999 reward, as lame as it is, knowing what it is, is making me play coin rush more so I can get that reward

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@skywake I'm not concerned about the delay. Although I hope messages don't have to get filtered between friends. As far as turning it off, well, yeah, if it's an option I'll do it. What I'm wondering is if there is an option.

@dUstin What do you expect out of Miiverse?


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Wii already has multiplayer, voice chat and friend lists. Depending on the game, of course. So... just that? I mean, it would be nice to have that come with the console and not be per game, but is that all that "miiverse" is? Plus, we already know it will have video chat and that's cool.

This is supposed to be like a facebook type thing, isn't it? Like, Nintendo's own facebook. Less personal, all about gaming, etc. The social community is a part of the games, instead of like facebook where the games are part of the social community. If I think of it like that, I get it.


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Not just depending on the game... I want it EVERYWHERE

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i agree with dustin i think its just going to be a new way of online for nintendo and be more like a forum type website or a "facebook" type thing as you guys put it

what i want is make sure to be able to use a headset and chat with other players in a game like in mario kart as for spoilers yeah i agree someone always spoils something which can get annoying depending on what the spoiler is about like if its a ending of a game i would be pissed off but if its more like a tip like "make sure you dont get killed by that zombie hiding behind the door on floor 2" or what ever then i would be more like ok thx ... but anyway im hoping we kinda get rid of the friend code thing when trying to play with other buddies and replace it with something like communities like how they have in mario kart 7 seems a bit more easy to join a game then adding a buddy or idk .-.

seeing comments on places i get stuck from other players would be kinda interesting least to me idk i guess we will see once they give more info on it(if they even do)

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