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Hi I broke a rule in the code of product I think that's what its called in i was looking for a shovel in to use in animal crossings and gave out my 3dsxl fc code unfourntly the admin of the ACPlaza told me I broken the miiverse code should I let this accident runin my gamer ability and love of nintendo or should I just let it go give me an honest answer I still wanna use my Wii u



Could you please specify the nature of your problem? I'm not entirely sure I understand.

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I don't think that miiverse admin moaning about giving out you 3DS code over miiverse is going to affect your ability as a gamer.
As for the miiverse admin saying that you broke the code of conduct for sharing yor code is pathetic on their part. And from what I've heard, the miiverse admin over react to things that don't deserve any attention, yet let things slide that should be dealt with.
So don't let it bother you, just share you 3DS code here on the nintendolife threads instead.

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@Joeybagofdonuts: not sure what happened, but if you're wanting to trade your 3DS FC to get items in AC:NL, we've got a thread going here where you're welcome to ask for help getting specific items from other users, and we've got a thread here if you're just looking for AC-playing friends to add. Feel free to post in either, I'm sure you'll get the help you need soon! :3

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