Topic: Microsoft may have played a hand in the Rayman delay.

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When it was announced that Rayman Legends would go multiplatform, which caused a delay, I wasn't sure what the big deal was, other than it was strictly a business decision on Ubisoft. Sucks? Yes. But there was just too much outcry for my taste.

Yet little did I realize that Microsoft may have played a hand in this, albeit indirectly.

It seems that Microsoft will not release their games to the Xbox 360 if there are no simultaneous releases. Now, I thought that there were simultaneous releases to keep the consumers happy, but little did I realize that all the simultaneous releases might have been manipulated because of MS's policy. Think about this. Why did only the PS3 (after the Wii) released No More Heroes for the HD console?

Wow, Microsoft, what a way to do business with the developers! And shame on you Ubisoft for not standing up to it!

Here's the Link:

Thanks to Zakattacks from YouTube for the info.



So between this and Sony's "NEW CONTENT OR GET OFF OF OUR SYSTEM!" policy, it's apparent Nintendo just isn't interested in intentionally demanding nonsense from 3rd parties. Or at least no consistent example that we know of.

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