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post what you want and make it specefic as you want
-metroid (prime style)
-more horror intended but not actually a horror game (i.e creepy atmosphere ect ect)
-online multiplayer

  • gamemodes
    there is an s.o.s call from an unknown planet. samus checks it out but there is nothing there she goes back to find her ship is destroyed!
    then she readys her weapon as she see's a strange figure coming towards her she try's to shoot but its malfunctioned !
    (so the first level is a survival horror version of HIDE AND SEEK ) so samus needs to find the control panel of the place she is in while hiding from the monsters she finds the control panel and sends out an s.o.s and here comes the other 3 players
  • the technician has pistol and scanner
  • the soldier has (they are all equiped with ordinary weapons) shotgun and machine gun
  • the mechanic has assault riffle and pistol
    the first mission ends when they find each other and the story is to escape the planet but they all have to collect resources to repair samus's ship while the "groups ship is missing (the mechanic has to fix samus's gun ) and at the end they have to fight off hordes of zombies (or whatever) till the mechanic doe's his thing
    2nd gamemode:
    self explanitory

3rd gamemode:
pretty much nazi zombies but with metroid

-map maker
this can go from survival maps to escape maps

made specifically for escape maps

if you would like to add to my list or make your own feel free to speak your opinion

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