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NickMon68 wrote:

I got stuck in MP1 i think it was when you turn into a ball and have to go through the tunnels with a timer going.. that put me off the game

Maybe i should dig it out again.

Yes, you should.

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I KINDA wanted to get this, when it was new, but I eventually said no, because I already had the original 3 on their separate discs.

I actually wanted the Metroid Prime T-shirt more than these games I had played them so many times on GCN and the 3rd one on Wii, that I just couldn't justify buying them all again for $50, new. Anything over that is just ridiculous, especially used.

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I dont know where you've been searching but i got it for 70 bucks, new, on ebay.

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I picked this up 2 weeks ago at Game stop for about 45$ I seen it came down in price and snatched it up while it's so low in price. Great trilogy and probably my favorite trilogy of any media!

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Ya I picked this and Xenoblade up at gamestop yesterday for 45 each



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