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Can anyone imagine Mario Paint Sequel ???

Now with stylus and tablet it would be ...... something really new

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That would be awesome and sounds like a great fit!
Should be a prediction for one of those upcoming releases!


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Art Academy has already been confirmed. I could see a separate synthesizer being made by a 3rd party in the future.
That would cover both bases.


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Oh man I can't even contain myself thinking about this

Wii U could be very cool if they had a bunch of tools an apps we could download including but not limited to:
Some sort of drawing canvas (Art Academy for example)
Some sort of music composing app (Wii Music sort of came close, but it was nothing like the Mario Paint composer)
Perhaps some sort of messaging/pictochat-esque app? The message system on the Wii U is pretty terrible and it takes a while to wait for the home screen to load and reply. PS3, Xbox 360, and Steam all have better messaging platforms.
Some sort of sandbox game where you can use the gamepad motion sensors and stylus to interact with things

Okay sorry I'm going way off topic...a Mario Paint sequel would be very cool

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wii u seems perfect for an app like this because of the gamepad. there are so many possibilities. i am sure it will come eventually, and sharing and seeing what other do on miiverse or wherever will be a lot of fun. they need to d othis!

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I approve!

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A mario paint sequel would be really awesome! I just don't think we are ever going to see one XD



Itd be a good app id definitely purchase it

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