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What i am suggesting would be a bold move from nintendo, This game would include many different sports, which would each have a unique story for each team/captain, mini games and unique arena's, Sorry for the long read but i have been thinking about this for a while. Here is the sports line up:
Mario Tennis
Mario Soccer
Mario Sluggers(Baseball)
Mario Hockey
Mario Basketball
Mario Football

This game would be an emphasis on technicality and would appeal to more than just the mario series fans, i would like this to also appeal to sports fans too. I for one am not attempting to get rid of the huge bonuses given in the sports game but simply wishing we would have to work harder for them. I think this game if properly executed could reach huge numbers in retail as the prime audience could be huge. I would want a game that fluid like any sports games like the madden/nhl/nba/fifa series just with mario', dukes passing and shooting making it an easy game to learn but a hard game to perfect.

Now i will go onto my idea:
These sports will all be given 8 arena's, each team will be given one and each conference will have a final arena. These sports will have 4 game modes: Exhibition,Season,Make it to the Top and a few Mini games. Exhibition would be your standard format exhibition match where you decide your teammates and the rules and play. Season mode would be different though. You would first begin be selecting one of the 8 teams, which are decided by 2 conferences one being pretty much the heroes vs the villains (Mushroom kingdom vs Koopa conference or whatever you want to call them.)You would then have to duke it out during the season playing both in conference and out of conference. The season would last 20 games(10 home and 10 Away) as you would have to face teams in your conference three times and teams in the other conference twice. The top 2 teams from each conference would enter the playoffs. The playoffs would be in using the 5 game series format. The arena chosen for the 5th game in the series will be decided by whichever team has the better record. The third and final mode in the three could be make it to the top, this would be more like story mode on the original mario sports mix just with more add-ons. I would like to begin with the addition of levelling statistics, every player you play with will gain experience. There will be 5 attributes Strength,Speed,Technique,Stamina, and Charisma, these will all be measured on a 100 scale and will effect the characters in all sports and modes in the game. No player will top out in every aspect though such examples are like bowser and donkey kong could never reach 100 speed but they may be able 100 in strength . The point of make it to the top is to become the best player in the world which would basically make to create the best team, To grow your team you have to build relationships with different players. Players who are naturally your enemy i.e. Mario and Wario will have a harder time building a relationship but for the sake of this mode it won't be impossible. The mode include many matches with every player in the game and this will be your primary spot to unlock characters. I do although want a make expansive story mode though as the one on the previous title was not very expansive and could have easily been beaten in 30 minutes.

Little Tidbits:
I have not mentioned the Tennis series because i do not want to change it, Tennis has always been the same and thats the way i like it.
Soccer,Hockey and Basketball will have 8 arena's, Football and Baseball would have ten(representing each Captain) and Tennis would have around 10 also
Football and Baseball may run a slightly different season format as the team sizes would be bigger. For this i give the idea on assigning 8-10 captains such as Mario,Luigi,Peach,D.K,Wario,Waluigi,Bowser,King Boo, Wart and Sonic, these would also be the captains in which you could select for your make it to the top mode.
The only reason i included Sonic was due to the Olympic game as the purpose of this game would be to fit all sports games into one.
Mini games would be made

Rosters and for Hockey, Soccer, and Basketball.
Conference 1: Mushroom Kinddom which includes:
Team Mario: Mario(C),Luig(A)i,Yoshi,Toad, Parakary
Team Girls: Peach(C),Daisy(A),Dixie Kong,Birdo,Toadette
Team D.K: D.K(C), Diddy(A), Chunky, Funky, And finally Lanky Kong
Team Sonic: Sonic(C),Knuckles(A),Tails,Vector the Aligator, Amy rose(returning with more due to the olypic series.

Conference 2: Koopa Conference
Team Bowser: Bowser(C) Bowser Jr(A), Hammer Bros(x2),Kamek
Team Wario: Wario(C),Waluigi(A),King Boo, Petey Piranna, Boo
Team Wart(for retro Reasons):Wart(C),Cackletta(A),Tatanga,Fawful, and one of warts dream machine creations
Team Common Enemies: King Bomb-Omb(C),Shy Guy(A),Skelly,Spiny,Bloopers,
You Guys could possibly help me out for the names of the teams as i couldn't possibly figure some of them out.

Also i could not decide on Minigames either because i have already written quite a bit, Any Suggestions? Would all this gameplay be able to fit onto a Wii U disc thats the real question, My pitch gives a 40 character, 56 different arena's and not included mini games or the expansive story i want for the make it to the top version(which would have a slighty changed version for every sport). Any opinions? Would love to get input.



It's notorious that you loved the first game, and coming with all of that really shows it.
I couldn't care less about the sequel tbh, but with devoted fans like you that actually build their own ideas hopping for a kinda cool.
I did the same with some games years ago, but nothing came like i wanted. Good luck

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Make it one sport.
Don't have unlockables locked again just because you switched difficulty. That's just stupid.
The idea of replaying tournaments and finding secret passages to find secret minigames to unlock stuff is a brilliant idea. Find a way that it isn't annoying next time.

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Kyloctopus wrote:

I think we can all agree, 1 Big Sport is better than 4 incomplete sports. Mario should never EVER do another Sports Mix.

I couldn't agree more! I dislike MSM so much! So NEVER make a sequel Nintendo and Square-Enix!

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Two words American Football!!!

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I enjoyed Sports Mix. Though, I honestly thought Mario Hoops 3-on-3 was better (and required for skill). I hope a new Mario Hoops 3-on-3 comes to 3DS.



Here's an idea for the sequel, don't make one.

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To many Marios !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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