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I'd love an evolution of MK 7. Double dash is a favorite too so elements from that game would be cool too



wouldn't mind mario Game themed tracks like they did in Sonic all stars racing. I think combining the good aspects of both Mario kart and Sonic all stars would be perfect! I don't know about mario but When I play a game-themed track in sonic all stars it makes me want to buy/revisit that game If i like the feeling of a track; not to mention bringing back awesome memories of the game itself!


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They'd need to do a lot to impress.... but even if it was literally a HD remake of Mario Kart Wii I'd be getting it day one. Even if it had no new tracks and no extra online improvements outside of what's given as a default with the Wii U that'd be something awesome.

That said I'd obviously love to see new tracks. I'd love it if it could do five player multiplayer locally with the fifth person on the GamePad. I'd love to see DS-like gamepad use so you could see what's coming up behind you and from what direction. I'd love to see ghost data done in a more seamless way, much closer to what Ubisoft is doing with the Rayman Legends Challenge app. Ontop of that I would be more than happy with track DLC as long as it doesn't mean less tracks to start with.

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I can see a December release like Mario Kart 7. I am pretty much expecting more of MK 7 from this game.


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Just put in character specific items and I'll be happy.

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Double Dash was a low point in the series for me. It's the only game I've ever 'finished' with the pack wrapping at my feet.

It was too easy, too (weirdly considering the mechanics) shallow.

Mario Kart has the multiplayer emphasis for good reason, but it still needs to be a balanced and challenging single player racing game.



Even if it was basically a souped-up Mario Kart 7, I would still be content, but I think they'll try to do something different this time around. And as I've stated on another thread, a Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon track would be nice.

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