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Bars of gold have mysteriously started appearing across the Mushroom Kingdom, some of them are even falling like rain. It's your job to grab your kart and wagon and tidy up this mess before someone gets hurt!

Mario Kart Gold Rush (MKGR) brings new exciting 2-player asymmetric racing mechanics to the legendary Mario Kart franchise… This can be played in the Gold Rush Mode.

Like the games before it, the player starts off by selecting a character/kart... But in MKGR they then have to select a wagon type, which will be attached behind their kart and will be in tow during the race, they also get to carefully choose any x5 items from the classic catalog of Mario Kart items and power-ups that will best help them finish the race in first place.
Player-1 drives the kart with a Wii U compatible controller (Wii Remote/Nun-chuck or Pro Controller). Their responsibility is to drive cunningly whilst collecting gold bars and fending off opponents with a sweeping arm attach/defence that can also grab gold bars from opponents if timed right.
Player-2 plays as the co driver and must verbally communicate with Player-1 regarding incoming threats and possible shortcuts. There other job is to handle the "finances" by selecting the right item for attaching opponents as well as deciding what upgrades to make to the wagon at the right time. Their overall responsibility is to assist Player-1 as they rush to cross the finish line first.

The wagons purpose is to store the collection of gold bars scattered throughout the racetrack which builds up Gold. These gold bars are exchanged for the use of the items or for upgrading the wagon in-game.
Each wagon design is measured and compared in three features: Capacity, Strength and Dynamics.

Capacity: Is the maximum amount of gold bars a wagon can carry depends on the size of the Gold Bar Gage (either 5, 10, 15 or 20 bars). The Gold Bar Gage can be increased in-game by 5 (to a total max. of 25) in exchange for all the players gold bars when the gage is at full capacity.
Dynamics: Is the aerodynamics/drag and physics of the wagon, how it handles and how it responds to different terrains. This can be improved in exchange for all the players gold bars when the gage is at full capacity.
Strength: The stronger a wagon is the the less likely it is to spill valuable gold bars from the attacks of opponents. This can be improved by exchanging all the players gold bars when the gage is at full capacity.

Each course has gold bars laden across the environment, sometimes they even rain from the sky! It is up to the driver to run over as many gold bars as possible to load up the wagon. Each single gold bar is valued at 1mark on the Gold Bar Gage, but there are also larger stacks of gold bars hidden throughout the course for racers to find and they are valued at 10marks on the Gold Bar Gage.

For those who prefer the classic Mario Kart gameplay mechanic can do so in the Classic Mode, which is for 1-8 players locally or online and will have all the familiarities that the franchise is known for. The gameplay for Gold Rush Mode is 1-player online or 2-player locally.

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You should at least state it's fanmade in the title

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Pretty impressive for a fake.


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I have to say, it looks like it took some time to think all of this out. A little odd, but...yeah.

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Mr_Wii wrote:

With the Wii U Gamepad held sideways P2 becomes the ultimate Mario Kart Co driver!


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Thanks for the feedback, especially the constructive criticism.
I suppose I wasn't trying to complete an entire game with every detail fleshed out. I just wanted to think of an asymmetric 2-player MK game idea that would breath life in to a stale franchise.
Perhaps if Gold Rush Mode was to be fully part of the 1-player campaign you could map the A,B,X,Y,R buttons to each of the 5 preselected items. Wagon upgrades could be completed by scrolling between the three different upgrades with the R-Analog stick and pressing down on it to select. The LZ trigger would be the accelerator.


  • Asymmetric gameplay
  • Wagon feature
  • Locating and collecting gold bars
  • Selecting which items you want to use in-game as opposed to them being selected randomly (this "luck" factor has always been most inconvenient)



Looks letgit

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For a minute I was like is this the new mario kart?

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There hasn't been any constructive criticism lolwut.

If there's one thing I recommend to make it better (which you probably already know of), the arrows and text next to the arrows should be improved on.

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rayword45 wrote:

There hasn't been any constructive criticism lolwut.

My point exactly... Thanks for clarifying the tone of the community on Nintendo Life.



Hey, I can't see sarcasm over the internet.

And give us some credit, I'd at least argue we're better then GameFAQs

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Please don't make me hate Mario Kart. It's probably my favorite series.

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We've got a Mario Kart U thread going here if you'd like to discuss how you'd like to see the game play out, Mr_Wii. Enjoy! :3

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