Topic: Mario Kart ARCADE - a look into whats to come to Wii U?

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Ooh! I've had the pleasure of playing one of the arcade games once, and it was... different, but awesome. I just want to be able to buy those on my WiiU... make that happen Ninty!



yeah read this a bit back, i wonder what the difference in playing this from the console and handheld titles?

either way i still want them to make a wiiu dedicated kart game, which im sure they will show at E3 this year



Have to say I hope the graphics are better on the Wii U than the images shown, as it looks like the 3ds one.
Nintendo really need to update Mario kart after how good sonic racing looked, I'm not talking realistic visuals but more things happening on the track and definitely more detailed character models.
They really need to show something special, it needs to look better than new super mario bros U
Don't get me wrong I'm sure it will be awesome but it's time for Nintendo to start updating a bit

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The original is at my mall's arcade. Probably the only good game there too. There's a fun minigame based on the watermelon pushing from Super Mario Sunshine.



Mario Kart Wii U will probably look much better (and play much better) than this arcade game will. After all, Mario Kart Arcade GP DX doesn't run on a HD system like the Wii U and has to play catch up to even Mario Kart Wii and 7. And I'm sure the track design will be better.

Still, maybe if we're lucky they'll let us play the arcade games on a home console like people have mentioned. I mean, it's not like arcades are particularly big outside of Japan any more.

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Sean_Aaron wrote:

I very much hope they won't copy that Sonic game by having flying in it - that really took me out of the game; especially given how pants the motion controls were!

I enjoyed most of the flying parts in Sonic Racing Transformed, but also, I will highly suggest not using the Wii remote motion controls for that game. For some reason, they worked in the first Sonic racing game, but the new one on the Wii U...the Wii remote motion controls are probably the worst I've ever tried to use. No one could tell me someone tested those out and said they worked. I use the gamepad myself.

I'm hoping to see some new elements in the new Mario Kart. Sometimes a series needs a little something new to spice things up.

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i played the second one (i think) in the arcade and it handles nothing like the console equivalent so i wouldnt think it will be too showing of the wii u version.

put it on.


Joshers744 wrote:

I enjoyed most of the flying parts in Sonic Racing Transformed, but also, I will highly suggest not using the Wii remote motion controls for that game.

I didn't mind the flying parts as much as transitioning to flying mid-race. It was just too jarring. I agree controls were better with the sticks but after how natural driving felt with motion controls in Excite Truck and Need for Speed Nitro I just can't get excited about driving with a thumbstick like I'm playing a PSOne game again - I've never liked playing a driving game that way. And finally it was just too bloody hard. I played the demo a half-dozen times and couldn't place better than fifth place and that doesn't seem right to me.

I expect Mario Kart U will get both motion and controls right; I haven't played a Mario Kart game since the original SNES release which a friend owned and I remember that was pretty fun - if it's out on the Wii U VC before Mario Kart U releases I'll probably pick it up for old time's sake.

I think the only reason I didn't get Mario Kart Wii was because I already had Excite Truck and I'm not a big enough fan of the genre to have multiple racing titles.

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@Sean-Aaron if you're getting fifth on default settings on Sonic Racing that's not bad.

It takes a little getting used to with the weapons & power-ups, and they're helpful without being as spam-tastic as MK so you're not as likely to be blown up meters short of the chequered flag by an AI player

I don't find the sticks to be too much issue. Motion control seems to suck.
5 players is insane and fun and nobody can see the Gamepad players screen .
The boat controls - of all vehicles - seem to be the ones I have trouble with.
The Panzer Dragoon map is my personal fave... as is Afterburner
If you can rent it, I'd recommend doing that to give it a more thorough work-out


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I can't be bothered with renting games. I'd either have to go out to BlockBuster (and I don't even know what their Wii U selection is like or if it exists) or I'd have to get a NetFlix account (and I don't know if they rent games here). I'm feeling spoilt for choice right now, so if the demo isn't representative of the actual game then I'm not dropping £40 to find out; I'll just get something else.

I've got a lot more faith in Nintendo to tick the boxes since they've been doing these kart games for years now.


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