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Why are Nintendo not drip feeding us new information to get us all excited? I haven't heard anything new since E3! Has anyone else?



why should they?

we know it's coming, let them develop the game
then give us new information when we're getting closer to the release... to help build hype and excitement



I think Nintendo's main concern has been games that are coming out during or soon after the holiday season. Next year, I'm sure in January or February, they'll talk more about games being released next year in their Nintendo Directs.


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They are pushing 3D World and trying to build hype for Tropical Freeze. As we get closer to the release date for DK, they will start giving more info on MK8 to build hype for that. I imagine they will have a January/early February Nintendo Direct to talk about all the games being released in the 1st half of the year(before E3), and possibly look at games releasing in the 2nd half of the year

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Probably at the next Wii U focused Nintendo Direct.


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Because it's far from complete compared to other more relevant upcoming projects such as DKC Tropical Freeze.

They'll hype MK8 up 1-2 months before the actual release.

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