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This game looks absolutely fantastic, it really exceeded my expectations.


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Again and again just " WOWWWW "



This game <3 SO excited, May 30th can't come soon enough. Anyone have guesses on any new/returning characters? I'm almost positive that Bowser Jr., Dry Bones, Birdo, King Boo, Diddy and all the others on the MKWii roster will return. As for new idk, but anyone thinking that they might add skins like Smash has? You could race as Mario, Fire Mario, Dr. Mario, etc. I would LOVE that. Thoughts?

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Huh... I /just/ played Super Circuit and that looks odd to me. I mean, I know it was bad, but did I forget what it looks like, already? (BTW, I played Super Mario Kart, afterwards, so I'm probably getting the two mixed up, as SMK is /far/ better.

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Diddy Kong is making his return in MK8 it seems.


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Was Diddy in any Mario Kart aside from Double Dash?

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Unca_Lz wrote:

Was Diddy in any Mario Kart aside from Double Dash?


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Unca_Lz wrote:

Was Diddy in any Mario Kart aside from Double Dash?

He was in Mario kart Wii i think thats it
I got beaten to it lol xp

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i think i am going to sell my Mario Kart Wii now, and put that towards Mario Kart 8

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That picture just reminds me of how far Mario Kart has come and how I feel it evolved in the Mushroom Kingdom. At first it was a fun little hobby/pastime (Super, 64, Super Circuit) for the Mario crew; but then it became something bigger than that, a social event of sorts (Double Dash, DS). Then it became a tradition (Wii, 7), and now it's a full-on sport! (Mario Kart 8)

I love it!

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Here's a look at the roster.
I think that last unknown spot is Mii, so it's just the question of what those two characters after the baby characters are.



DestinyMan wrote:

Here's a look at the roster.
I think that last unknown spot is Mii, so it's just the question of what those two characters after the baby characters are.

Hmmm....I just can't shake that feeling that the last spot is Bowser Jr. It makes so much sense. Don't forget that the character select screen is most likely to be dynamic like it has been in past games.

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Maybe those last spots are... Baby Wario and Baby Waluigi! I'd actually like Baby Waluigi, just to see what he would look like!

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DestinyMan wrote:


Grr, look at Metal Mario, taking up a roster spot. >: (

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@brewsky I'd like to think so, but it doesn't look like that character select screen has any room to grow. I mean, I still think so. There's definitely going to be more players than that. But... how? Maybe there could be one more row, which would give us 6 more characters.


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I'm surprised Rosalina and Metal Mario are on the top row.
I guess Nintendo is really pushing Rosalina into the spotlight with the main characters.

EDIT: Does it look like there could be one more row of characters? There's some space at the bottom.

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@Rosalina Technically, I think it looks like the row would be added at the top as there's a dark overlay at the bottom where text / button explanations would go, but I do think there's room for another row.


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