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Can you guys imagine how awesome Mario Strikers would be if it had Mario Kart 8's graphics and amazing detail?????

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I really hope you'll be able to customize races again in single player a VS Mode like you were in Mario Kart Wii and DS before it. WHY on Earth they ever took that out I'll never know.

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Only being able to hold one item is interesting... can't really be sure whether it'll be better or worse like that, but hopefully better.
Also glad to see the rear view camera returning, I did miss having that in 7.

The game's looking pretty amazing, wish it'd hurry up and come out already.


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New trailer aswell guys

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well thank god

I will say I'm a little excited now at least, which I had gave up even expecting. I'm just not sure I'm interested in playing much Mario Kart soon. I don't even have Tropical Freeze yet...

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seeing as MK64 was my first Mario Kart game the latest footage of Rainbow Road and Toads Turnpike from that game gave me one shellova nostalgia rush~! just 3 more weeks of college work a week of finals and then another few weeks.... common may 30th!! >.<

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III caaaant!!! Muuussst reesisstt!!
Oh man! This game looks so great!



And these are only the "simpler" half of the tracks.

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At N64 Rainbow Road that train... .. It is definitely the Hype Train! All aboard!!

Thank you! -.-
Now I'm even more hyped now!




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Mine01 wrote:

Fixed it for you

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the switch is pretty cool.

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Is this the best looking racing game of all time? Why yes, yes it is. And wow, an honest-to-goodness HD racing game that has split screen!

(I mean, I'll take a fantastic art style over realism any day).

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starts crying tears of joy One of the biggest Wii U sellers is coming.....
LETS DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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