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No. MK8 is a Wii U game, MK8D is a Switch game; Breath of the Wild is a Wii U and Switch game.

There's no such thing as 'full effort'. Any game could have more content.

Well this one does, and all they have to do is sell it to us. They could if they had the courtesy to treat Switch like a 3rd pillar instead of dropping Wii U like its an embarrassing secret. They haven't updated the software on the system in over a year. It's more like they didn't give the Wii U their full effort....they tried for about a year and a price cut...didn't even get the exclusive Zelda title out for it(only console with out one) full 3D mario animal crossing. It's not like the Wii U is incapable of running switch's one thing for 3rd parties not to want to port to Wii U but Nintendo themselves won't port over their own content. NES got plenty of games still released for it after SNES came out....I know I missed a bunch of NES games because I had moved on to SNES. PS3 and 360 got lots of games for awhile after PS4 and XBONE came out. Wii U is a broken promise to a lesser degree than the virtual boy but it was definitely abandoned quite probably was on shelves longer with Nintendo not caring about it than the amount of time it was on shelves that Nintendo cared about it. It didn't get the same rescue treatment the 3DS got.



Just ignore him, he was a spammer. lol

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Official! (what i know on deluxe so far)

*Fire-Hopping is removed completely!
*Stats to all vehicles changed
*double-items do change strategy

i say more but this may lead to guessing or misinformation... sad to say gold-digging is still problem in online found one player using battle low rooms and dares show off his score in spite of his terrible exploit i hope nintendo fix this with updates soon i am done with the viewing of deluxe now i will see for myself and how i fair with the change i will post back on any other details i may find

Unless you find anything unusual in-game as of late yes?



Is it possible to target only Africa when we play ? maybe with a VPN no ?




Not that i am very aware of no if fact due to hackers being big problem this may not happen no time soon, so many hidden dangers due to annoying hackers but to avoid some misinformation i will neither confirm or denie this feature.



I would really like new circuits. At least 4 to make an extra cut, or even more it would be cool. new theme circuit zelda, splatoon, metroid, pickmin ...


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