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Looks amazing, I just missed that they don't show a release date.



Can't wait for this game, I was always the best at the other ones Hope i am still champion on this one !!




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Well.. Every "candy" themed stage looks like this.
To me it looks like from Sonic Lost World, NSMB U, from a Mario Party game, etc.. just to name a few.
But most likely it's the Desert World from NSMB U.

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Ha! Those Waluigi eyes. For some reason, I find that pic funny.
I really like the look of the Kart Peach is driving. It'd probably be one of my main Kart parts. Also, I guessing that items that characters hold in their hand are items they just got and no doubt, you can still hold them behind the kart.

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Mario Kart 8 looks amazing. The new tracks give a sense of exploration as you're driving.
That Sunshine Airport should defintely be used in future Mario know.. A Sunshine sequel!!!

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DestinyMan wrote:


JK there awesome

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So this is def march right?


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