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brewsky wrote:

MrWalkieTalkie wrote:

I REALLY hope Nabbit will be playable!

Well, he's a playable character in Mario Golf (DLC, though), so maybe!

I say Nabbit should officially become the DLC character for all DLC-compatible Mario games. Since he was playable in NSLU DLC, and now is playable in Mario Golf DLC, it'd be awesome to see him become a long-running playable character through DLC.

Edit: Repetitive use of the term DLC is repetitive.

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Hope so 2 for nabbit



I hope Nabbit works exactly the same in all of these games. Like in Mario Kart, he doesn't use items but items don't affect him!

...I say that as a joke but that sounds kinda intriguing.

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^Since Mario Golf - to my surprise - got a demo I wouldn't rule it out.

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@renaryuugufanfan92 and @Dbwesz: Man, I hope this is true, not just because I could play Mario Kart 8 sooner but that it would entice more Wii U owners to get it if they aren't interested already.



Its written on even more sites and they all said its confirmed by the representive women of nintendo in order of herr manager, but its all still rumors and we can hope ofcourse , but we have to wait untill its confirmed and written by nintendo itself



I'm looking forward to this game


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Has anyone heard about Nintendo making a limited amount of physical copies of this game? I went to G2k to pre-order this and SSB3DS, and the guy working there basically said that, and I can't remember the word he used, that Nintendo is basically making a smaller than usual amount of physical copies and that they're not even sure if they will be able to get any copies at launch. The guy said hopefully they would get at least one. (Plus, I was the first to pre-order from there so I got first dibs!) Anyways, I just don't understand this... Mario Kart 8, probably one of the most important games for Wii U, and Nintendo is making a small amount of physical copies... Why?! Are they trying to push downloads? I don't know... Has anyone else heard about this?

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No didnt read anything of this on a page, and im try to find everyday on all websites that i know something about mk8



I hope the demo rumor is true. Even one cup with 4 tracks would be fine.


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I could see a 20-25 minute or so MK8-dedicated ND coming next week to talk about the gameplay modes and hype up the game.


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ugh the game is being released during my finals, my last final is june 10th ... i hate my life

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@Miss_Dark I feel your pain...even though I have the ge on hold at GameStop, I can't get it until school is out witch is June 13. Unless I sell some useless game to push that ridiculous price down...

@Webhead Me too.

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BusterRed123 wrote:

Blast wrote:

Wario Coliseum and Bowser's Castle would be freaking amazing in this game.

This will prolly be the Wii U's prettiest game until......

X? It looked terrible in the direct, And....How would the anti-gravity work on Wario Colosiam exactly? It's already a good track and does'nt need many improvements.

Who cares if it uses anti-gravity or not? It's one of the best courses in the series and the fact it has yet to return as a retro track is just goofy.

Certainly it fits more than Sherbert Land does, and has more potential with the new mechanic.

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As a intermediate-to-pro Mario Kart player, I wish they didn't suck so bad in some parts. Like crashing into walls and stuff. Etc.

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