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I prefer the GCN original over DM. It still has much more personality I feel. I would like to see an HD version of Luigi's Mansion GCN, but without analogue triggers, I can't see it happening.

But on the topic at hand, I hope that, if there is a Wii U entry, it takes back the original's idea of minibosses all over the place. I also think it should only take place in one, gigantic, sprawling mansion, or maybe even a castle.

How did Luigi's Masion: Dark Moon fair on 3DS? The 3DS doesn't have analog triggers either.

This was brought up in the VC section, and it's a good point.

The original was somewhat built around the idea of analogue triggers, and it allowed for much greater precision when grabbing items and sucking up the ghosties. And don't try to convince me Dark Moon's vacuum mechanic is better, you should know by now that my nostalgia on this particular title completely clouds my judgement.

I played Luigi's Mansion 5 months after it came out. I honestly don't really remember how it made a difference. The digital triggers just make it go full blast right away. That seems fine with me. Even Super Mario Sunshine is technically playable with the GamePad's triggers if they ever release it for VC.

I won't argue with you, but they make very little difference.


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