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Every session either produces a freeze or hard lock, usually when pressing the home button. Last night's was a belter in that I was playing off TV with headphones and the buzz of doom was very loud, to the point of being actually painful.

This situation to me is completely unacceptable in a modern console. I've never been almost physically hurt from a crash before until last night.

Worrying times.



You mean EA's QA sucks? No way...

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One game for that hasnt frozen my Wii U. Now blops2 on the other hand!!!!

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I've only had two freezes, both after the most recent patch, both while using off tv play and hitting the home button. Otherwise, flaaawless.



I have 5 hard copy games. All work great, except for skylanders giants! It freezes all the freaking time! Nothing is more frustrating than a game that won't stop freezing. I feel your pain.

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I would take a working patch over DLC at the moment. Criterion really needs to get their act together and sort this soon.
It can't be doing my WiiU any good freezing up so effin much.

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