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SCAR392 wrote:

I don't think you'll get that much for selling your Xbox 360, but it depends on model and games you have.
I sold my Xbox 360 Gears of War 3 edition with the Kinect and 4 games for $270 on eBay. Somehow, people were getting more than that for not as good of bundles compared to mine, but it was an auction and I had no control over the price.
If you can get even half of what you paid for your Xbox 360, I'd say that's a pretty good deal. I was in the same situation as you, and I still had a PS3 or PC for media.
I just hate it when people charge the same price or $5 less than new. I can buy an Xbox 360 w/ a 20GB HDD for around $50, so don't ask too much.

Yeah, I'm thinking that too to be honest.... I have about 20 games, but they're all at least a year old, and it is an elite, so not even the slim version and not with kinect.. However, I'll get more for it now before the next gen comes out.

Thanks for your comments everyone, really helpful stuff!

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Sell your Xbox before it's too late! It's going to keep losing value as we near the Xbox One release.
I sold my Xbox but I kept my PS3 because I feel like it's not completely worthless

If you sell it soon you'll have your Wii U just in time for Pikmin 3

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