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I hope Nintendo publish data on the MK8 free game promo. I can imagine that lots of people got W101 because they had most of the other games already.

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Nintenjoe64 wrote:

I hope Nintendo publish data on the MK8 free game promo. I can imagine that lots of people got W101 because they had most of the other games already.

Don't forget it wasn't available here stateside. Plus there was so many choices in EU that it might not have even hit the 25k Mark.

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MERG said:

If I was only ever able to have Monster Hunter and EO games in the future, I would be a happy man.

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I was always gonna buy this game day one and I fully support this movement, not to bring back 3rd parties but to raise interest of a great game.

3rd party support may still come back, but in a different way. If the Wii U sales keep up the pace and mature games start doing Ok we might just get that zombi u sequel, we might get another COD game next year.

Not to mention nintendo themselves will see it as a good investment, and will probably give us more mature games. Bring fatal frame 4 to the west, fund games like shadow of the eternals, make plans for bayonetta 3



I pay for whatever appeals to me and I enjoy playing. It's not just that I only buy 1st party games or some dumb thing. It's just that guns 'n sports (and sometimes guns with sports) don't particularly appeal to me as a gamer. I don't really buy them on the other consoles either.

Bayonetta 2 looks like a hell of a lot of fun, and bundled with the first game, it's a great value. So I'll be buying it.

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I don't manage sales, publishing efforts, business decisions or marketing for these people.

What bothers me is all this buying, posting, partitioning and whatnot to influence it. I buy games I like to play, games that surprise me, games that are artistically great, games that shine - simple. It isn't smart for a game that has value to prove its right to exist being sandwiched into 2 or three major releases (warriors and smash, or even toad for that matter) and it's downright silly of the industry to keep looking into sales the first 4 weeks and gauge its success, by default, only by the performance in the first short term period. Yet this is exactly what they do.

I don't mind - but if the sales disappoint, they come crying saying people don't buy such and such game or otherwise - how about operation "grow some marketing sense"? I'd sign that petition.

I don't know whether or not I'll be buying bayonetta straight away, as taxes, hyrule warriors, grocery shopping, a job and smash bros may all just happen in between. Then again, I might be tempted as it seems to be an awesome game.

And therein lay the issue. Make the best games, and I'm buying. Make 5 of the best games, and I'm picking which ones go first. Spread them a bit over the months and I'm more likely to buy all of them straight away. So, whichever way they act is whichever way they get. I'm a gamer, and if they want me to be concerned about their business or design decisions, they can hire me.

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