Topic: Let's pretend it's tomorrow and the Nintendo Direct just ended.

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How come now one else is excited for the Kirby Air Ride: City Trial sequel for 3DS and Wii U?!?! That was all I needed for Nintendo to make me happy! Who cares about Super Smash Bros. Waluigi, when we have City Trial?!?! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Future Pinball games!
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Waiting for Kirby Air Ride 2. One day, it will come. One day...

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@Suicune I know this is make believe, but the resources and information a Pokemon MMORPG would have to process will most certainly render it unplayable (or at least very laggy)

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Glad virtual boy games were confirmed for 3ds and the new virtual view headset as well. Man those red and black graphics. The pants thing wasn't as surprising as the apple bobbing at the end

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Are you sure you want to retire yet, Mr. Iwata?


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"At this point all Sony has to do is show a 5-10 min clip of games.
Walk Kaz on stage and say "No DRM.", drop the mic and walk off."



Wow, I didn't expect completely serious attempts at world domination being Nintendo's plan. Didn't see that one coming at all. Well played Nintendo. I for one welcome our new plumber obsessed overlords.

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GameCube games to be VC content on Wii U! And Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance is among the list!

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Yeass.. Shigesato Itoi working on Mother 4 for the 3ds... And retro's new IP is da bomb


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Nintendo's going third-party and developing for smart phones now?

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What Nintendo is releasing a NES mini that plays WII U games in vc mode!?


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Am I the only one excited of Nintendo buying all of Sony's intellectual properties?

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I knew King Hippo, Mega Man, Bill Rizer, Little Mac, Starfy, Simon Belmont, Egg Plant Wizard and Mike Jones would make it into SSB4's roster!



anyone else excited for the new... DONKEY KONGA REBOOT! yeah neither am i.

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wew one more day so i can play MK.



WaveBoy wrote:

I knew King Hippo, Mega Man, Bill Rizer, Little Mac, Starfy, Simon Belmont, Egg Plant Wizard and Mike Jones would make it into SSB4's roster!

Oh man! Removing AVGN's character added a ton of extra space for them to fill out the roster.

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I got to be honest, Reggie being an announcer option in Smash Bros is pretty amazing.

Best thread ever
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