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I cant seem to find this information anywhere, but does anyone know if Lego City Undercover will be available to purchase and download from the Wii U eshop?





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Yep,I can see this it happening.

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Sean_Aaron wrote:

If Nintendo is publishing (which I believe they are), it's pretty much guaranteed.

ha, i didnt realize they were the publisher. Yea, its looking like it should be a download then. Which is awesome, because i intend to download all my games at this point



I have also decided to go down that route. I know people say it costs more or you miss out on being able to trade in, but I have a different take. In troubled times I feel like a download purchase provides more direct support to a publisher and because I can't trade in I'm more likely to explore a title than I would if I could get rid of it on a whim (I'm the kind of person that sells a game, has second thoughts and buys it again - I bought Resident Evil 4 on the Wii at least four times!). The higher price also prevents me being silly with my budget and bulk-buying games, which also means giving them their due.

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