Topic: Kotaku: Gamestop has sold out preorder deluxe Wii U stock nationwide

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GameStop has, nationwide, sold out its preorder stock of deluxe Wii U models, says Fahey. Basic bundles are dwindling.


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Wow that was very quick! Good signs for Nintendo is the USA!



Nintendo is probably under manufactered along with limited pre-orders to try and start another wii like craze. Also word on a few other forums is that bestbuy is cutting off as well and the limit was 20 for each sou per store.


Hey check out my awesome new youtube channel shingi70 where I update weekly on the latest gaming and comic news form a level headed perspective.

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20 per sku per store? that's not bad compared to other console launches, lol

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Well thats rather surprising, I won't be as surprised now if the Wii U ever manages to sells around the amount as the Wii did.

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yeah over here in canada least in oshawa of ontario i could only get the deluxe bundle which was planning to do anyways so i assumed the white basic was sold out
so good thing i preordered yesterday after finishing up application for a job fair lol, i also warned my freind to preorder immeditaly

sounds like he wont get one by the end of the month like he says hes going to do no?

getting a wii back then was hard enough thank god i acted soon



I'm quite surprised.

Vere happy I got mine pre-ordered yesterday with a guarantee to get it at launch, 2nd in line.

That's around 20 Deluxe SKU's per store, does anyone know how many stores there are as a whole?

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Damn. I'll have to wait and see when they'll open it up again. I couldn't go Thursday or Friday because I had previous engagements... Glad the Wii U's catchng on before it even comes out...

64 days left!!

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Well, that esculated quickly...



Well hopefully it's a case of huge popularity as opposed to Nintendo simply not manufacturing enough units.

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So much for waiting any longer. I Just ordered a deluxe from for pick up at a store 20 miles a way.

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Good thing my sister pre-ordered the Deluxe for us! Sorry if we contributed to anyone's inability to get a Wii U.

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I asked Gamestop to call me as soon as the Wii U is available to preorder. When they did, I was at work and told my boss I'm going for lunch. I drove to Gamestop, placed my preorder, and drove back to work using my entire lunch break without eating any lunch. The person at Gamestop said I was the first person to come and preorder the Wii U.



Well, I guess I won't be getting a Wii U even if I wanted one Selling out in only one day, very stupid.



This is good news for the system, that's for sure. Still, you guys have got to keep in mind that places like Walmart and Target have more stock (and thus sell more of) the WiiU, so don't immediately think that you don't have an oppurtunity to buy one still.

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