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Now this had been on my mind since the Direct another Donkey Kong is going to be awesome but even when Donkey Kong Country Returns was made I didn't understand why Nintendo didn't use King.K.Rool and the same enemies anymore I love the original SNES Donkey Kong and I wish King.K.Rool would come back but does Rare own the character or something?


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I wouldn't think so because nintendo made the character. If that was the case then we wouldn't see DK either...

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he is all right he was a pretty easy bss


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Yes King K Rool and the Kremlins are all owned by Rare. However I am not sure why they haven't been in the DKCR games. The Kremlins were in Mario Super Sluggers iirc. My theory is that they probably would have to pay Microsoft some sort of royalties to use the characters. Since Mario Super Sluggers is a small scale game compared to DKCR the price Nintendo had to pay to use them was probably much less than they would have to pay MS for using them in a DKCR.

Like MS could have asked for a percentage of the sales of Mario Super Sluggers where as that percentage was alot smaller. For one thing that game never came out in Europe. Now DKCR the percentage would be alot more.

Thats my theory at least.

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^ Actually, Rare owns no part of the DKC games, including the Kremlings.

Rare themselves have said that they have no control over any aspect of the DKC series (back when when the originals were taken off the EU VC, Rare mentioned that it had nothing to do with them, since they don't own anything in the games).


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Huh my mistaken than. I could of sworn that Rare owned the coding and such as well as the other characters besides the Kongs. Well than I guess they just wanted to go with different villains than?

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^That was always my thought — that they decided to go with the Tikis instead of the Kremlings in order to set it apart from the original games.

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Yeah, it's not called new donkey kong country.

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Forbsz wrote:

I didn't understand why Nintendo didn't use King.K.Rool and the same enemies

Well Nintendo is already taking a LOT of bullcrap and insults from people claiming that they just "recycled" everything in Super Mario 3D World. Not to mention some people saying they're lazy making New Super Luigi U and giving us an HD remake of an already existing game (Wind Waker in case you couldn't tell what I was talking about). So to bring back old enemies in Donkey Kong would probably only give more fuel to this "uncreative Nintendo" argument. It's a shame people are really arguing over this, really.
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I would love to see King K Rool and the Kremlings in this new game — more than anything. I was stoked to see Dixie and DK go under water, so this is the final thing that it needs IMO

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