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I posted over in the Other Gaming section (msg #65) about a multi-platform title called Quintet which is based on the Unity Game Development Engine.

The reason why I mention it is because it segues into potential Wii U games because there is a Unity SDK for the Wii U and it seems a shame for the Wii U to "miss the boat" because Wii U owners aren't aware of these projects.

The cool thing about Kickstarter projects is that if you have a reasonable question and the developers have time, your question will be answered. I posed the question to Carmine, the lead developer yesterday about a Wii U version and he replied that he'd been thinking about it.

I check out my Inbox this morning and he's been busy - and this is where it gets interesting, particularly if any of you have been toying with the idea of making games yourself for the Wii U:

I'm looking at how to signup to be a Nintendo developer... the development kit costs $2,500

It might be worth it to have another kickstarter down the line in order to try to raise that kind of money. (I'd also need something for the development time to make it all work and test it out).

I need to keep my next stretch goal at having more ships and scenarios which a lot of players have been asking for.

I do think it would be super fun to get it on the WiiU.


So, if you want to see more indy games on the Wii U which you can play with anyone - regardless of the platform - check out Kickstarter for games developed with Unity.

Also note that in some cases, the devs only want to raise enough money to buy the SDK or to pay for third-party costs for work that they can't cover - check out the target for Hand of Panda.

Sure it's starting life as a 3DS project but the aim is to bring it to the Wii U as well (as pointed out in the NL news article).

With 6 days to go, the target is a meagre $3000, and there's $1200 to go but I really don't think the terms of the pledge have reached people - a $15 pledge guarantees a Wii U version (on it's completion) as well as the 3DS version. 100 people pledge $15 and these guys can publish the game and pledges of $15 or more will get the 3DS version on completion.

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