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DePapier wrote:

Folks, you know, I made this thread to straighten things up on how to deal with your faulty Nintendo consoles. From the email I received from Nintendo, I don't want to ever have to deal with this BS at least on this website ever again. If some are unhappy with this, that's their issue: at least now you know what to do. Thanks to SCAR we even provided you with practical ways to avoid getting abused by retailers on your Nintendo purchases.

So if somebody in here wants to stick to discussing how the competition supposedly does it better or anything, do so OUT of my thread.

Thank you.

Isn't that the point of a forum to compare and contrast. I know the site has Nintendo in the name but that isn't an excuse when Nintendo proably has the worse account system of any major Video Game/technology manufacturer.


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DePapier wrote:

@Reala Sorry, I forgot to say please.
Actually, let me edit it in my previous comment.

Well this is your thread... And the title is 'Just to let you guys know'... So you're just lettin' everyone know who da boss in here



@Sony_70 This wasn't the point of my thread. As my OP demonstrates, I made it to give people directions received directly from Nintendo on how to have your faulty Nintendo consoles taken cared of. What Sony and Microsoft do with their systems has nothing to do with this, but finally people in here can stop being misinformed on how to take care of their Nintendo systems. I think it's more important for some to have all their data safeguarded than to argue on who has the best account system, if that should ever matter in ensuring Nintendo owners can keep their Nintendo platforms safe.

As @MadAussieBloke said, I just meant to "let you guys know" how to deal with your Nintendo platforms so that once and for all arguments can be put aside to ensure nobody ever gets ripped off by retailers on Nintendo products ever again, at least on this forum. Because indeed, it happens.


banacheck wrote:

You can't take your 3DS or Wii U to the store and get a replacement

I don't know what the laws are in the US but the laws over here are under the sales of good act 1979, is many retailers will offer a replacement, repair or refund without question, especially if the item is relatively new.

You didn't read the full sentence.
"You can't take your 3DS or Wii U to the store and get a replacement with your purchases on them"
I bolded the part you didn't read. I know retail stores will(usually without question) replace your device if it's under warranty or eligible for a refund. It's the digital stuff people are complaining about not being able to transfer by returning to the store if it's actually broken.

The entire point is that you can save money and get the service you require through Nintendo so there aren't any complaints.

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