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I didn't like the direction Ninja Gaiden took with 3 but I've heard the WiiU version is more alike the previous games, so I might rent that.

I really enjoyed Razor's Edge and Darksiders 2 but what I enjoy in a game isn't necessarily the same thing that you do. Why not look at some reviews (here, Metacritic, IGN, Eurogamer, etc.) and look at some gameplay footage on Youtube?

I find official reviewers to be a fickle bunch.
I prefer reading the views of people that don't get paid to play games. I've read a lot through the forum so far on different games I'm interested in. Also checked out some youtube videos too.

Colour me jealous of everyone that picked up a WiI U from HMV. They didn't have any in stock when I went. £220 still seemed a fair price though so I'm not too disheartened about it.

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